Give honey

Preparation of bee products on the territory of the Company is held on weekdays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The beekeepers who want to take honey personally and have the opportunity to bring honey to our warehouse in Izyaslav have to bear the following documents:

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine

Identification code

Veterinary-sanitary passport of the apiary

Only personal honey is allowed. If a trustee hand over you, you need a notarized power of attorney. After previous arrangements, you can deliver your honey to our research lab. The calculation for a batch of honey is made only after all the laboratory tests on the card account of the bank.

There is also the possibility of delivery of batches by motor transport of the Company and our representatives throughout the territory of Ukraine. There are some differences in the delivery of other beekeeping products, such as wax, perg, or pollen. To discuss any questions regarding delivery of bee products, contact us, or use the form below.

Для здачі пилку бджолинного пасічники повинні мати наступні документи

Паспорт громадянина України

Ідентифікаційний код

Ветеринарно-санітарний паспорт пасіки

Довідка ЗДФ

При виникненні запитань просимо звертатися за телефоном  +380504367005