Buy honey with pollen
Buy honey with pollen

Buy honey with pollen

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The benefit of a mixture of honey and pollen

Due to its bactericidal properties, bee honey is used to treat some infections, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Its composition has a positive effect on the circulatory system - glucose is a direct source of energy, and fructose stored in the liver is its store. Drinking honey reduces nervous tension and improves well-being. Honey also improves the body's immunity.
Pollen is a valuable substance that allows you to supplement your daily diet with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Pollen contains proteins, minerals and fiber, as well as flavonoids and phytosterols. Pollen stimulates appetite and improves metabolism, has anti-inflammatory properties and improves iron absorption. It has a positive effect on the liver, protecting it from toxins and promoting its regeneration. Pollen also has antibiotic properties. Its use improves the condition, immunity and well-being.

Rich composition of pollen

The high nutritional value of bee pollen is due to its very rich chemical composition, as it contains more than 250 different compounds. It contains simple sugars (fructose, glucose), fatty acids, more than 30 amino acids (their content in pollen reaches 12%!) And minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and tin. Pollen is also a source of many vitamins. Among them the most important are: A, B1, B2, B3, E, C, PP and D.

The value of bee pollen for health

Studies of bee pollen have confirmed its beneficial effects on human health. It is a very valuable nutrient for the human body. First of all, it strengthens the appetite and regulates metabolism. The effects are noticeable after a few days of use. This product strengthens the body and works against anemia, as well as helps to lose weight in obese people. It also has detoxifying (detoxifying) properties. It reduces or completely eliminates the harmful effects of many chemical factors on the human body. It has a great influence on the function and condition of the liver. Pollen protects the liver from toxic poisoning, promotes its regeneration, and supports the treatment of alcoholism.
Pollen has antidepressant, antiallergic and antibiotic properties. First of all, it reduces nervousness and irritability, supports the treatment of depression and increases concentration. Bee pollen together with honey can be used to treat allergic diseases, as it effectively treats hay fever, asthma or significantly alleviates their symptoms. Preventive use of pollen prevents colds and flu, and in case of illness reduces the treatment time and soothes the course of infection. Important information for men is that pollen affects the regression of inflammatory and hypertrophic changes in the prostate. It is worth knowing that pollen has an effect that prevents miscarriage. It also helps increase fertility.

Contraindications to the use of pollen with honey

People who are allergic to pollen may develop allergic reactions after eating it. These can include redness of the conjunctiva, urticaria, digestive disorders such as flatulence, abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn and edema.
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