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Cream honey with lemon

For connoisseurs of lemon flavor, we offer air-light honey cream with the addition of natural lemon. Extreme tenderness and true "creaminess" of honey is provided by a long process of beating honey crystals. This honey will become a favorite autumn-winter dessert and will help strengthen the immune system with double force.

This type of honey is a novelty in our market. During this process, honey is not pasteurized (heated), which means that it retains 100% of its nutrients. So we invite everyone to try cream honey with lemon made by Bartnik.

How is cream honey made?

The main product is multi-flowered bee honey. Honey cream is made by a special technology of gentle mixing. Natural honey for a certain period of time is mixed in special blenders with the addition of sublimated fruit.

The next stage is cream honey is poured into jars and placed for cooling in special chambers, where it acquires a unique consistency souffle. Honey with lemon slices will delight every gourmet.


Natural flower honey - 98%, sublimated lemon - 2%

Nutritional value:

  • proteins - 0.92 g,
  • fat - 0.05 g,
  • carbohydrates - 73.8 g,
  • Energy value: 299.33 kCal / 100 g.

Does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes and other synthetic additives. Without added sugar

Тип меду Natural honey

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