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Royal jelly
Connoisseurs of nature were worried about the thought. How is it possible that the same fertilized bee egg in 21 days will turn into a working bee (a female unable to fertilize and lay eggs), and from another - after 16 days - a large, fully developed female, capable of fertilizing and laying eggs c..
What is bee bread
In this article, we want to talk about such a unique beekeeping product as bee bread. Perga is a flower pollen, which bees collect from flowers, bring it to the hive, put it in honeycomb cells, compact these honeycombs, supply this pollen with their enzymes, fill it with honey and seal it. In a seal..
The benefits of honey when used daily
And what exactly do you know about honey? It's sweet, it's made by bees, Winnie the Pooh adores it. Perfectly. And did you know, for example, that honey has existed for many millions of years, or that it does not spoil if stored in an airtight container. Or that it contains all the necessary substan..