What is bee bread

What is bee bread

In this article, we want to talk about such a unique beekeeping product as bee bread. Perga is a flower pollen, which bees collect from flowers, bring it to the hive, put it in honeycomb cells, compact these honeycombs, supply this pollen with their enzymes, fill it with honey and seal it. In a sealed comb, the process of fermented milk fermentation of this product takes place, and literally two weeks later, bee bread is obtained. This is a very useful product. It is five times more valuable than the pollen itself.

What is bee bread for?

Bees use it to feed their brood. It is very important to know that this bee product is a very valuable and very active food for bees. Eating its larvae literally in three days increase their mass by one and a half thousand times. Of course, the composition in bee bread is not uniform, since pollen is collected from different plants. Nevertheless, several types of enzymes, acids, vitamins and microelements are secreted, which are always present in it. These are monosaccharides, amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins of various groups. Almost the entire group of b vitamins, organic acids, hormone-like substances, enzymes. From this list, the high content of vitamin E and carotenoids should be highlighted. Also potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, cobalt, zinc. A very important product for humans is fatty acids such as omega-3.

Compared to ordinary pollen, bee bread is much more valuable and more saturated with vitamins. Although pollen during collection contains many of these useful substances, but then, when it dries, these many named useful substances are partially lost. In bee bread, all this is preserved due to the preserving properties of honey.

Why bee bread is useful for the human body

Perga has a property that can hardly be overestimated with regular use. It has a beneficial effect on almost all body systems, especially immunity and vitality. In general, the following direct beneficial effects on the digestive system can be noted, including the rapid elimination of toxins. The circulatory system begins to perform its functions much better, blood circulation, blood formation improves, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases. The adaptogenic abilities of a person increase, which protects the body from the influence of atmospheric pressure, sudden changes in temperature and even ionizing radiation. The regenerative properties of the body are improved, and the likelihood of developing inflammatory processes is also significantly reduced. The productivity of mental work increases, the risk of stress and depression is reduced, the endocrine system is improved, hormonal balance is normalized, blood circulation in the reproductive system is improved, the skin is healthy, and aging is slowed down. Considering all this, it becomes clear that it is impossible to ignore such a life-giving product as a pen. Perga helps in the treatment of food poisoning, heart and blood vessel diseases, hepatitis, digestive system diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system of men and women, diseases of the upper respiratory and lower respiratory tract, skin diseases, diseases associated with vision and kidney disease. It is recommended to use bee bread for various disorders of the blood supply to the brain and memory problems.

How bee bread is obtained and stored

It is certainly not easy to get this product. Nevertheless, there are several ways. One of the simplest ways to get bee bread is directly from honeycombs. These honeycombs are ground, mixed with honey and thus consumed. A more technologically advanced way is to freeze honeycombs with bee bread. The frozen honeycomb is mechanically interrupted, as a result of which the wax is exfoliated and sieved, and in the remainder, hexagonal beech granules are obtained.

There is an opinion that when freezing, honeycombs lose a certain amount of nutrients. We would like to note that bees hibernate in hives, and honeycombs are also in the hive in winter. They freeze in exactly the same way, especially in northern latitudes. And nevertheless, nothing disappears in them, and in the spring the bees feed the brood very well, grow a new generation of honey plants.

Store bee bread in a refrigerator in a sealed container for a year

Disease prevention with bee bread

One of the most valuable properties of bee pollen is its 100% assimilation by the human body. Due to this, bee bread has many useful qualities: normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, restoration of intestinal microflora and mucous membranes, increased appetite, stimulation of bile secretion, thereby normalizing the functioning of the liver and removing toxins from the body. Aspartic acid and vitamin b3, contained in bee bread, normalizes metabolic processes in tertiary muscles. Vitamin e, amino acids, manganese, zinc prevents the progression of atherosclerosis for the synthesis of hemoglobin. Also, the use of bee bread increases the resistance of the human body to the adverse effects of the environment and attacks of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi.

The high content of natural antioxidants, but also of the substances necessary for the synthesis of collagen, makes bee bee an indispensable cosmetic product that can not only slow down but also restore the original condition of the skin. It is very important to know that in addition to the above areas, the use of bee pollen is effective in complex therapy for rehabilitation treatment after a heart attack or stroke for prophylactic purposes.

How to take bee bread

Everyone naturally worries about the question - how to take this bee bread? It is necessary to take it depending on many factors: age, condition of the patient, the desired result.

For what purposes is bee bee used? If prophylaxis is needed, the dosage of bee bread is usually half as much as during treatment, and if there are no severe pathologies, on the contrary, they require an increased single dose. Each patient can select their own dose individually. For diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the average dosage is about 1 teaspoon of pure product in the morning before meals. Thus, pancreatitis, gastritis, colitis can be treated. It is advisable to take bee bread in the morning, as it has a high tonic effect. For heart diseases: coronary artery disease and carditis, heart defects - one teaspoon three times a day before lunch, the course of treatment is 60 days. To normalize blood pressure, you can use it by mixing it with honey 30 minutes before meals. For weight loss in diabetes mellitus, the best method, of course, is to dissolve the bee bread in the mouth, it is believed that in this way it is much better absorbed.

There are, of course, contraindications. Do not use bee bread for people who have allergic reactions to bee products. Therefore, before taking this product, you need to take a small amount of bee bread (at the tip of a teaspoon) and hold it in your mouth. If the body's reaction is normal - there is no sore throat, there is no discomfort, then everything is fine, and you can start a full course.

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