Buy natural and organic honey of our production

Natural honey production

In our online store you can buy many types of honey, in different price ranges. Our honey comes from Ukrainian apiaries located in ecologically clean areas. Therefore, you can purchase high quality real organic honey.

Water content control

If the water content in honey is very significant, then such honey is considered immature, and there is a risk that it will begin to ferment. Ripe high-quality honey should weigh 1.4 kg or more per liter of volume. The ideal state is when the mass fraction of water is 18%.

Heating and homogenization

In the production of honey mixtures or flower honey, we produce a mixture that is usually darker in color and remains liquid for a long time (does not crystallize). This honey has a corrected ratio of natural sugars to keep it liquid for a long time. However, other types of natural honey crystallize after several months of storage. To convert them to a liquid state, we use electronically controlled heating elements that gently and accurately regulate the temperature so as not to exceed the temperature limit when the beneficial substances in honey begin to decompose. This gradual heating takes a long time, typically 24 hours. But thanks to this, we can offer our customers to buy high-quality natural honey.

Control of sugar content

Some unscrupulous beekeepers try to deceive the client and offer honey containing sugar or invert syrup. Sometimes they mix corn or cane sugar with honey, which is more difficult to detect due to their honey-like profile. We carefully check the quality of raw materials in the laboratory for high sucrose content and crystalline consistency. Therefore, when buying honey from us, you are buying only a natural product of organic origin.

The origin of organic honey

We buy the best Ukrainian honey directly from beekeepers who have certified apiaries in the peripheral regions of our country, where animal husbandry prevails. In such regions, the negative impact of modern agrochemistry is much lower, since places with intensive agricultural activity cause an increased risk of pesticides and insecticides getting into honey. And their content can differ from year to year depending on the crops grown by local farmers.

What does the quality mark tell you?

The use of antibiotics for the treatment of bees is prohibited throughout the EU. Since we are actively exporting honey to the EU countries, we strictly control the absence of residues of medicines (streptomycin and sulfonamides) that can cause cancer. Our products have all the relevant certificates for compliance with the national standard of Ukraine DSTU 4497: 2005 and the food safety system ISO 22000: 2007.

Buy natural honey produced by Bartnik and eat a delicious and high-quality product!