Buy a keg of honey
Buy a keg of honey

Buy a keg of honey

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Natural honey - why it is so useful

Honey is a natural food product made by bees. Collecting nectar from plants, they turn it into honey. Collected from waxed slices, it is centrifuged and poured into barrels. Natural honey produced in this way has both taste and useful properties. Buy natural honey in a tub - then you can be sure that you are buying healthy, smart and good.

Real honey in wooden bowls

A proven apiary and a reliable supplier are the key questions when you want to be sure of the origin of your honey. At the production of Bartnik LLC we work only with high-quality raw materials, and we pour only real natural honey into the barrels. This is confirmed by excellent taste and laboratory tests.
Everyone will find something for themselves in our online store - we have a wide selection of natural classic honeys. Depending on which plants the nectar is collected from, each real honey is slightly different in taste and smell. As an alternative to natural classic honey, we also offer honey mixtures - these are still real honeys, enriched only with natural additives. We add only what is useful and useful for our honey to enrich their taste and healing properties.
Тип меду Natural honey

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