Natural acacia honey 400 g
Natural acacia honey 400 g

Natural acacia honey 400 g

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Acacia honey 
It contains a large quantity of fructose, therefore it crystallizes very slowly. The colour of pure acacia honey is light creamy, turning neutral. White or straw-coloured after crystallization. The taste slightly resembles that of acacia flowers. Fully mature acacia honey is characterised by a higher content of sucrose than in other honeys. Acacia honey is applicable in the treatment of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer diseases, of hyperacid gastritis, mucous membrane inflammations and spasmodic conditions of the intestines. In the case of ulcers, acacia honey accelerates regeneration of the tissue of existing erosions and ulcerations. It also affects intestine peristalsis and is characterised by a low biotic activity.

Тип меду Natural honey
Ботанічне походження Acacia honey

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