Buy cream honey natural
Buy cream honey natural

Buy cream honey natural

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There are many varieties of honey, which differ not only in color, taste, smell, but also useful properties. However, all honeys have one thing in common. Honey is made up of simple sugars, it's mostly glucose. Initially, each of the honeys has a liquid state (molasses). Over time, honey undergoes a natural process of crystallization, turning into a solid form. Then it is quite difficult to take it with a spoon, let alone spread on bread. LLC "Bartnik" offers you to taste this product, and you can buy cream-honey easily and conveniently in our online store.

Cream-honey - what is it?

Cream honey is made from freshly harvested liquid honey by bees. The process of obtaining cremated honey is based on the mechanical action of the stirrer, due to which the structure of honey is broken into smaller crystalline during its crystallization. If the cremation process occurs during the solidification of honey, the effect becomes faster and more noticeable. In our production we use a special device immersed in liquid. This device turns on automatically every 3 hours for 15 minutes. Then the honey is mixed with slow movements of the oar. To make the process faster, we put in the tank about 1 kg of cereal, ie previously crystallized honey. After about 3 days of constant stirring gets the right structure and is poured into jars. Well-creamed honey is fluffy, has no crystals and has a strong aroma. The final product is soft, fluffy and has an oily texture. The soft stability of ground honey facilitates its use in cooking. For example, it is easier to macerate meat with it, add it to salads or desserts.

Cream-honey naturalness and nutritional value

The process of mixing honey described above in our production does not reduce the value of honey in any way. The mechanical process is the simplest and does not affect honey in any way. There are other ways to get souffle, but due to a greater or lesser degree of interference in the composition of honey (thereby reducing its value), they are not used by us. It should be added that during our process we do not take anything from honey, so honey does not lose its properties.


Cream honey is a great alternative for people who like to consume honey with bread or various dishes. This honey is very popular in Western countries. There it is an important ingredient in dishes and is used as a supplement to bread and cheese. This is especially true for children and the elderly. For children, you can mix cream honey with ground or crushed nuts. The shelf life of such honey is the same as that of raw honey.
Тип меду Natural honey
Ботанічне походження Herbs honey

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