In order to ensure the proper quality of products the production laboratory operates at the Ltd "Bartnik". The laboratory is certified by the State enterprise Khmelnytskyi research and development centre of standardization, metrology and certification (Certificate of Attestation interim standard № 18-054Х-14 of November 25, 2014). The laboratory of the company is one of the few in Ukraine. It was created keeping up Ukrainian and European requirements. 

The laboratory "Bartnik" conducts a number of physical-chemical studies and analysis of the content of residual quantities of antibiotics in honey to comply with the national standard of Ukraine DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) 4497: 2005.  We test the products three times. At the first stage laboratory conducts the study of honey test samples obtained from beekeepers. The second stage is the entrance control of honey entering the enterprise. At the final stage, the laboratory checks ready for shipment products in consumer and industrial containers. The enterprise has implemented the food safety of management system (FSMS), according to ISO 22 000: 2007, which allows to produce quality product and to control risks at each stage of production. The FSMS allows identifying the products from beekeeper to consumer and from consumer to beekeeper.

The Bartnik Company is one of the largest exporters of honey to different countries of the world. Therefore, in addition to the State standard requirements, the company complies with the requirements of the importing country buyer.

Every year the range of investigative antibiotics expands. Currently, the laboratory can identify nine groups of antibiotics.

To ensure the high-quality products output, the laboratory is equipped with a complete set of devices with high sensitivity, uses reliable methods and experience of foreign laboratories