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buy a pollen collector

buy a pollen collector

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Pollen is the second most important product of bee life for humans after honey. We will not dwell on the usefulness of pollen for the human body (you can read this in a special article on our website), just note that pollen is much more useful than honey, and has a positive effect on all systems of the human body. Therefore, to collect such a valuable product were invented special pollen catchers - pollen collectors.

Features of dust collectors of LLC Bartnik

Beehives of LLC "Bartnik" are made of expanded polystyrene which process of foaming takes place in water that excludes unpleasant smells which are present at foaming by steam. The pollen collector is installed on the bottom of the hive. It is completed with two types of lattices with round openings, with a diameter of 5.15 mm, and square, with a diameter of 5 mm. Passing through the round holes, the bees lose their legs, and the square holes are a sieve for sifting pollen from the hive debris. As a result, the pollen enters the storage, where it accumulates until the beekeeper empties the tray of the pollen collector. Also, the design provides for the "shutdown" of the pollen collector, with the help of a movable board, which allows the bees to enter the nest without obstacles, bypassing the pollen catcher.
Structurally, the dust collector consists of:
  • the case in which the lattice with openings for bees fastens;
  • the lattice through which bees pass;
  • the lower grid or filter mesh, where pollen gets, but insects do not get;
  • storage (tray) for fallen pollen (with holes for ventilation and drying of pollen);
  • holes for drones (they are larger than those for worker bees) - optional.

Terms of ordering dust collectors in our store

You can buy dust collectors in our online store made in Ukraine at a nice price. In stock goods with delivery. You can pay in cash or by card / details, as well as by cash on delivery.

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